Monday 4 August 2014

Lethal Code by Thomas Waite

Lethal CodeLethal Code by Thomas Waite
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This novel is for all those people who think there is no such thing as a computer virus, unleashing all the internet scaremongering in one go. Yes this might be fiction but if you have suffered a minor virus attack, ID theft or even web fraud, then this will hit home with devastating reality. Lana Elkins is the foremost expert in cyber security, and when they come under attack from an unknown group bent on the destruction of the USA, Lana is quickly drafted in to work with the security services, to locate and neutralise the attackers before they destroy America. The author Thomas Waite has crafted a storyline worthy of the best Hollywood blockbuster thrillers, including plenty of action and twist and turns of the plot to keep you riveted to the book. The pace is fast except for a section in the middle, my only reason for not awarding full marks. One of the hallmarks of a good thriller is when afterwards your mind is full of what ifs, what would I do if, what would the government do if. Would I be able to perform like some of the unlikely heroes of the book? . Excellent.

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