Wednesday 20 September 2017

Villa Golitsyn by Piers Paul Read

The Villa GolitsynThe Villa Golitsyn by Piers Paul Read
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Having read the synopsis and with the title you can be forgiven in thinking this is an out and out spy novel, but it isn't. This is a story of relationships, emotions and philosophy. Simon Melsom who works for the foreign office is asked to provide feedback on a visit to an old school friend now living in Nice, south of France. You could say that the book is overtaken by his school friend's alcohol problem, but that is only part of it. As we progress through the story more and more is revealed of the characters, and this is the mainstay of the book, getting to know the players. The style of story is not my normal reading and therefore it all seemed fairly strange filled with intangibles. Had I known from the outset it was not a spy novel I would not have read it, was this deliberate? A more honest synopsis may be required.

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