Friday 23 June 2017

Justice by Another Name by E.C. Hanes

Justice by Another NameJustice by Another Name by E.C. Hanes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You would think that greed and corruption is the province of Wall Street and City of London but no it is alive and well in the pig farming industry of North Carolina. With the tragic death of a father and son within a few months of each other, Will Moser the local deputy sheriff takes on the most powerful man in the county to try expose the truth. You will be fascinated how interwoven and connected the families in the county are and how everyone knew each other when growing up. This is a very good novel, about a widow who has lost everything and tries to understand why she has suffered this injustice. Providing the story line is good I will judge the merits of book by how easy it is to read. EC Hanes novel passes muster easily. I was attracted to the book initially by the synopsis which set the story in unusually in hog land, I was not disappointed. Recommended.

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