Wednesday 15 October 2014

Until the Debt is Paid by Alexander Hartung

Until the Debt is PaidUntil the Debt is Paid by Alexander Hartung
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jan Tommen, a Berlin homicide detective in love with Betty his new girlfriend, wakes up with not only a hangover but a big gap in his memory. Returning to work he is assigned a new case, where he quickly becomes the prime suspect. Not trusting his colleague to clear him, he goes on the run enlisting help of friends to help with the investigation to clear his name. You might think this is bad enough but it gets worse with more dead bodies. Alexander Hartung has written an outstanding murder mystery, keeping you guessing who is guilty all the way through. The graphic description of the crimes sets an unreal atmosphere and elevates the story to a new level of urgency to solve the murders. The translator Steve Anderson should also take credit creating an exciting easy to read thriller.

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