Friday 19 April 2013

Excessive Entanglement by Nick d'Arbeloff

Excessive EntanglemenExcessive Entanglemen by Nick d'Arbeloff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Before selecting this book, I got quite excited by the synopsis and reviews I read, as scifi and West Wing politics are two of my favourites. Was I premature?, not a bit, this was a great book and met all my needs in one. This is a must for scifi fans that like political thrillers - Star Trek meets the White House.

From the start I was hooked, the author Nick d'Arbeloff in his first novel has worked some real magic. The book is such an easy read and keeps you interested throughout. He has obviously researched his material well as all the future events fit well with the scifi we all love. The politics illustrates the problems of mixing religion with anything that requires collaboration across communities and borders, very relevant today and in the future.

Strongly recommend you set aside the time and read it, you won't be disappointed, I certainly was not.

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