Wednesday 4 December 2013

Deep Deception by James North

Deep DeceptionDeep Deception by James North
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Environmental issues are never far from the headlines, with real life stories like the Greenpeace protest in the Russian polar region. James North now brings us an excellent thriller, which has our environment central to the storyline, is combined with corruption, greed and of course Deep Deception. Caroline Dupre's husband, the head of a worldwide organisation he founded, is killed during a climate change protest in Kuala Lumpur. Is it just over zealous police efforts in crowd control or is it something more sinister? This is the start of a challenge for Caroline to find out who and why her husband Francoise was killed. Pulled into a clandestine world surrounding climate change and it supporters and detractors. Can she find out what exactly happened without endangering herself and son Nicolas?

This is a very fast moving entertaining thriller, highlighting some of today's real issues but with some fantasy attached. I would recommend this to anyone who likes thrillers.

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